YouTube: Calbee's Capers

This Sleepy Kitten Must Be Having a Fantastic Dream

When there's a sleeping kitten in the room, you can bet someone's ready with the camera.

Sweet Calbee loves to play and get into mischief, but even active little kittens enjoy a good cat nap every now and then.

At only a few months old, Calbee was caught dreaming in the most adorable way. She suckles the air, twitches in her sleep, and lounges comfortably in the arms of her favorite human.

Like their owners, cats dream on a regular basis. During REM sleep, you'll often see your cat's eyes move rapidly behind their eyelids, and they might also move their paws and make adorable chirping sounds. It looks like they're being too active to sleep soundly, but it's actually hard to wake up during a REM sleep cycle. Studies also show younger mammals spend more time in REM sleep than their older companions. It's most likely due to the fact their brains spend all day processing new information.

For Calbee, her naps are her brain's chance to process everything that happened during the day. There's a good chance she relives all of her fun adventures in her dreams. Like people, cats dream about things they've done and seen as a way to understand their experiences.

We can't know for sure, but Calbee could be dreaming about catnip mice and playing with her owner. Or maybe she has grand visions of climbing mountains and flying alongside birds she stalks from the ground. Whatever is going on in her head, we're glad her owner had the chance to catch it all on camera.

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This article was originally published January 25, 2018.

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