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Simms Gear Released for the Coming Seasons in Time for ICAST

Simms Fishing announce new items just in time for ICAST.

Bozeman, Montana-based Simms Fishing Gear is well known for making high-quality fishing apparel for both fresh and saltwater fishing that's trusted by both outfitters and amateur anglers. Tackle bags, fishing waders, wading boots, shoes, sandals, pants and more are just some of the fishing gear they make.

Now they've announced some new gear, just in time for ICAST.

To get a feel for the type of culture they're promoting, this "Fish It Well" video they released recently does the trick.

Here's a peek at some of the new fishing apparel from Simms coming to a store near you for fall 2019 and spring 2020.

ExStream BiComp Hoody

This looks like the perfect outerwear for those early fall days where the summer isn't quite gone but the cold stuff isn't quite here. Simms has introduced the ExStream in both men and women's models. It features PrimaLoft Cross Core Gold insulation, and long sleeves with thumb loops. The arm panels are also gusseted. This hoody was designed to be worn with bibs or fishing waders.

It also features a stitched quilted outer and fleece fabric to help keep you warm and dry. Simms intends for this to be a layering option with your standard shirts. The suggested MSRP is $180.

West Fork Jacket

This jacket features the same insulation as the ExStream, but also includes Pertex Quantum Pro material in the upper that helps resist the wind and water.

Simms says this jacket is built to endure sub-freezing temperatures. It's built for serious anglers and fishing guides who aren't afraid to brave the elements. Simms also added shingle cuffs and an adjustable hem to keep water out, plus a storm hood. It includes four pockets, two zippered on the chest and two standard zippered pockets for small fishing tackle and fishing accessories.

Simms added extra stitching and pre-baffled channels for durability. The West Fork Jacket is available in men's and women's models and will cost around $300.

SolarFlex Ultra Cool Armor

If you're like me, even 30 minutes in the sun turns your skin to the color of a ripened tomato. The SolarFlex Ultra Cool Armor shirt is designed to protect you from the sun's harmful rays on the water while keeping you cool at the same time. Simms used Avra cooling fibers for this shirt, which they say makes it lighter, softer and more flexible.

The shirt also features a hood and sungaiter and sunglass chamois. The whole package has built-in UPF 50 protection for those of us who can't handle the sun. Sounds like a nice alternative to sunscreen.

Kid's Solar Tech Hoody

Simms didn't forget about the kiddos with this new line of sun protecting fishing shirts. This is a new addition for the company; the kid's Solar Tech Hoody has built-in UPF 30 sun protection in a moisture-wicking package because, as parents know, kids rarely slow down.

It also comes with a hood and anti-microbial finish, because you know they're probably going to get it dirty at some point while enjoying time in the outdoors.

Dry Creek Gear Pouch - 4L

Simms understands that the modern angler has more gear and expensive electronics than ever before. That's why they introduced this new waterproof bag made of 300 denier ripstop polyester.

The zipper, which they're calling the "Tru Zip Zipper," is completely toothless and is made to allow the bag to be fully submerged without soaking the contents. While this can be used for hooks, fly tying gear, leaders, soft plastics and other fishing gear, it also sounds like a safe place to store a phone, camera and car keys while fly fishing in fast-moving headwaters or kayaking a long river stretch.

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