Simms Fishing/Vimeo

Simms Reminds You That You Only Get One Life, So You Better Fish It Well

Here's what's great about the Simms "Fish It Well" message.

When a campaign inspires fishing as such a quality way to spend your time, we're all about it.

When such a campaign comes from a brand as well-known and relied-upon as Simms Fishing, it's a special kind of validation.

That's why the latest push to adhere to the Simms mission statement of inspiring the world to enjoy fishing is so impactful.

We shouldn't be sitting at an office desk. We don't need We should be angling, and doing it to the fullest of our abilities whenever we can. Life's too short for anything less.

Watch, and you'll get the idea.

The image of that memory chest inside our heads is brilliant, and filling it with experiences enhanced by fishing sounds like a heck of a way to go about it.

It's an almost tired sentiment by now, but we really do have a finite amount of time alive on this planet, and not making the most of it is indefensible.

The video is full of vivid photography, incredibly well-shot scenes, and a sense of togetherness among anyone who's felt the tug of a fishing line, netted a keeper, or gripped and grinned with a prized catch.

We wouldn't have expected much less from Simms, the company that's broken ground and essentially reimagined what high-quality angling gear can (and should) be.

But the urge to get out and fish has never been felt so strongly after a mere minute-and-a-half video.

This one is worth sharing with a fishing buddy, and certainly with someone less inclined to take up the hobby. Show them this, and they ought to get the message.

Just don't forget: You get one life. Fish it well.