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SIMMS Promotes ‘Fishing Fridays’ and American-Made Products [VIDEO]

SIMMS is a company every angler should be proud to support. 

K.C. Walsh, owner of SIMMS Fishing Products, talks with obvious pride about his company and its employees.

He shares that SIMMS has a company program called “Fishing Fridays,” where they encourage employees who want to go fishing on Friday by giving them half the day off to do so.

I’m picturing workers in every industry across America trying to convince their bosses what a fantastic idea this is!

Walsh recognizes that the SIMMS staff and anglers themselves contribute to the development and manufacture of high quality products. SIMMS also embraces that “Made in America” is a very good thing for the company and the country. We couldn’t agree more.

We get a brief inside look at the SIMMS wader factory, which Walsh tells us is the only wader manufacturer left in the United States.

“Our goal at SIMMS every single day is to help anglers have their best days on the water.”

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SIMMS Promotes ‘Fishing Fridays’ and American-Made Products [VIDEO]