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10 Best 3D Archery Targets on the Market Today


These are the best 3D archery targets you can buy.

When it comes to bowhunting, practice makes perfect. The best bowhunters practice all summer long in the heat with their recurve or compound to make sure when the moment of truth arrives, they'll be ready.

The best way to practice for that moment is with life-like animal targets rather than bag targets or block targets because it helps you better visualize the moment when that big shooter buck walks out. Gear like this also just makes target practice more fun! Especially if you are practicing from a treestand in the yard.

There are plenty of 3D targets on the market, but we've done the research and figured out which ones are probably most deserving of your hard-earned money. These targets offer easy arrow removal coupled with the ability to add replacement inserts for use season after season.

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Field Logic GlenDel Full Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

This one is a little pricey at $250, but it gets great reviews for durability and the size of the target, which Field Logic says is comparable to a 150-inch, 300-pound whitetail.

The midsection is easily replaceable and comes with an overlay of vital organs so you can see just how effective your groups are. The Glendel Buck is made to stop both field tips and broadheads, although we've noticed some people online saying arrows are difficult to remove if you're shooting heavier draw weights from compound bows. They also make a pre-rut version of this target.

Carbon Express Shooter Buck

This deer target is again, slightly smaller than a real whitetail. But it gets points for the realism. This target features a replaceable midsection that can stand up to both compounds and crossbows.

Probably the best part of this target is the price point. At only $90, it's a good way for archers on a budget to start getting more realistic with their practice.


Rinehart Woodland Strutting Turkey Target

Practicing with 3D isn't just important for deer hunters. Turkeys have sharp eyesight and it is vital to practice the movements of raising and drawing your bow stealthily.

This turkey decoy will help you do that. Much like the Rinehart deer target this one gets points for being realistic, but complaints are that arrows are difficult to remove.

Delta McKenzie Aim Rite Bear

I've owned a Delta target for years myself. It's a deer target, but I can tell you these targets hold up very well.

This is a mid-priced target for bear hunters to hone their skills in preparation for their next hunt or for someone who just wants to add a little more variety to their home 3D course. Bear targets can be pretty pricey, but this one is reasonable at $170.


Delta Pro 3D Elk Target

If you're looking for one of the biggest targets you can buy for the ultimate 3D course, you've found it.

This huge target weighs over 400 pounds, so you'd best get some help setting it up. If you're going to be serious about bowhunting elk, this is a good way to prepare. This is one expensive target, though. It goes from $1,200-$1,800 depending on where you buy it.

BlackOut Boar 3D Archery Target

3D Archery Targets

Feral swine are tough animals and whether you are pursuing more exotic javelinas, or the standard wild pigs that are taking over Texas, practice is key. This target is 41 inches long and is meant to resemble an animal weighing about 85 pounds. Blackout says this target handles compounds and recurve bows easily. However, it is also tough enough to use as a crossbow target for your fast, and hard-hitting crossbow bolts.


Rinehart Targets 3D Jimmy Big Tine

3D Archery Targets

This buck target is perfect for both broadheads and field points. Rinehart says it is also crossbow compatible, so this foam archery target can take a real beating. The insert has scorable markings so you can better judge how you are shooting and make appropriate adjustments. You could also add this to your archery club's 3D range.

BIGSHOT Pro Hunter Raccoon and Groundhog combo

3D Archery Targets

Two targets for the price of one. Now you can start building out that 3D archery range with your buddies with some more challenging, smaller targets. This also adds a little more variety to a range filled only with big game options. These targets feature self-healing foam and are extremely durable to the elements.


Rinehart 1/3 scale Woodland Elk Target

3D Archery Targets

If you cannot afford a full-size elk target, this one should do the trick. This target is an extremely scaled down version of an elk at around 31 inches high and 32 inches long. After practicing with this in the off-season, that shot at a full-grown bull will seem like a cakewalk by comparison. It features self-healing foam and replaceable midsection.

Delta McKenzie Mule Deer

3D Archery Targets

It may seem like whitetail hunters have the most accessibility to life-like targets, but Delta McKenzie has muley hunters covered with this lifelike mule deer target. The foam midsection is easily replaceable giving more life to the target.


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