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Helpful Tips For Your First-Ever Trip to the Shooting Range With Nosler and Randy Newberg

Randy Newberg and Nosler's tips for the shooting range are extremely useful.

Most of you probably already noticed it, but the firearms industry is booming right now. Thanks mostly to a record-breaking year for sales in 2020 that saw nearly 7 million first-time firearms owners. Many of whom have never handled a gun before in their lives. If current trends continue, it is looking like 2021 may be an even bigger year for first-time gun buyers.

There are probably lots of new firearms owners out there who may be a little intimidated before their first trip to the shooting range. After all, the world of guns does have a bit of steep learning curve.

Realizing this, Nosler and professional hunting TV host Randy Newberg wanted to help these new gun owners out with a video full of tips for a new shooter's first trip to the range. The information given here should make your first trip shooting much less intimidating as it describes the basics. This video also serves as a great refresher course for veteran shooters.

It is great that Nosler recognized the massive increase to the firearms community in the past year and a half. In a press release, they note how the whole idea behind this video was simply on making newer shooters feel less intimidated when they go to the range.

"Training at a gun range is critical to building foundational firearms skills," the press release reads. "Unfortunately, this process can be intimidating for new shooters who are unsure of what a trip to the range fully entails."

This video does an excellent job of covering most of the basics at the range. We think it is also worth mentioning that there are public ranges in some states that do not have a range officer present. On those ranges, it is up to everyone using the range to be courteous and to communicate clearly and effectively the times to place and retrieve targets.

We would also add a few extra little etiquette items we did not see here. If you are shooting a semi-auto, do not do a rapid magazine dump where you shoot the firearm as fast as possible. That is a good way to get kicked off a range. Some ranges will even have rules about a minimum amount of time between shots. Read the rules sign carefully when you arrive!

Also, do not ask everyone on the range if you can shoot their gun. Especially with the ammo shortage that is going on in most parts of the country. If you strike up a friendly conversation with someone and they offer to let you shoot, that is fine. However, people who go around asking to shoot everyone's guns are generally considered rude by most shooting enthusiasts.

By using a little common safety sense and being courteous of others, you can ensure that your first trip to the range is a great one.

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