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The 22 Nosler's Specs Help it Maximize the AR-15 Platform

22 Nosler
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No one believed this sort of performance was possible in an AR-15, until the 22 Nosler came along.

Back a few years, even seasoned shooters figured that the only way you could get maximum power out of an AR-15 was to tinker away in your shop, using your gunsmith mind to squeeze every last ounce of pop a gun could give.

For most, that wasn't really an option. Sure, customization is a draw of the AR-15, but it's not like everyone who owns one does serious transformation work on it. The time it would take to gain that gunsmith knowledge, plus the expensive tools and accessories that would be needed, just weren't worth it.

That is, until the 22 Nosler made its appearance.

With the debut of the 22 Nosler, hunters and shooters were able to convert a standard firearm chambered for 223 Remington/5.56 NATO into the fastest, most hard-hitting .22 caliber available for the platform. And by convert, we mean replace two things, and that's it.

Watch this for the main idea:

See? The 22 Nosler made it that easy.

Now that hunters and shooters can reach higher speeds, shoot flatter trajectories, and stretch out farther, the AR-15 will never be looked at the same way again.

If you knew you could go 300 fps faster than a 5.56mm, wouldn't you at least try it out? With a 30-percent increase in energy and a 14-percent increase in velocity at 500 yards, the 22 Nosler outpaces and outperforms anything else that's been fired through an AR-15 barrel.

Now that folks are catching on, 22 Nosler uppers and mags are popping up in major sporting goods stores as well as any local, well-stocked gun shop.

It isn't difficult to step up your AR-15 game, and 22 Nosler ammo is proving that to be more than true.

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The 22 Nosler's Specs Help it Maximize the AR-15 Platform