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This 8-Year-Old is Wise Beyond Her Years at the Gun Range

Many adults could learn a thing or two from 8-year-old Addy.

This is parenting done right. We applaud those folks who get their kids involved in all things outdoors, whether it be fishing, hunting, or shooting sports. For eight-year-old Addy, a junior competitive shooter in rimfire pistol iron sights, it's obvious she got an early start.

The following clip highlights some impressive skills, including the ability to follow commands to a T, awareness of safety, excellent body positioning and accurate shooting. (Watch closely and you'll also see her finger is off the trigger whenever she isn't shooting.)

Here's a pretty cool drill:

What did you think of that drill? Pretty impressive, right?

We know one thing: a woman we recently featured in a 'gun fail' post could certainly learn a valuable lesson or two from Addy. (CLICK HERE for that cringe-worthy clip).

Way to go, Addy! You make us proud.

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