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Meet Us Out Here With Wide Open Spaces and Randy Newberg


Professional hunter and TV host Randy Newberg joins the show to talk about his plans for the upcoming seasons, his favorite hunts and more.

If you're hard-pressed, who would you say is the most well-known hunter in today's landscape?

There are a few legit possibilities, but for a lot of folks, Randy Newberg ranks pretty high.

Referred to by many as "the voice of the public land hunter," Newberg hosts the "Leupold's Fresh Tracks" and "On Your Own Adventures" hunting TV shows, as well as the Hunt Talk Podcast. Plus, he is the brains behind the Hunt Talk web forum.

When he agreed to speak with our editor Eric Pickhartz for a question and answer segment, we knew we should consider ourselves lucky to have access to such an experienced hunting mind.

From his headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, Newberg had a lot to say about a lot of topics. He also serves as a volunteer and board member for many hunting and conservation groups, something more sportsmen and women should consider if they want to make a difference.

Whether you're talking backcountry mule deer, elk hunting or quail hunting, public land hunting access or strategies, or even hunting gear recommendations, you're going to get an ear full from Newberg.

We touched on all sorts of subjects, like the new Gerber Knives line Randy collaborated on, his affinity for pronghorn antelope hunting, and his role as a leading advocate for our hunting heritage.

Big game hunters in the western United States can learn a lot from Newberg.

If you're looking for a role model in the wildlife conservation and appreciation realm, there may be no better sportsman to hear from than Randy Newberg.


Meet Us Out Here With Wide Open Spaces and Randy Newberg