Shelter Dogs Help Spread Kindness to Victims of Violence

In the Kansas City area just this year there have been 100 homicides and many of the victims are small kids. Acts of kindness and spreading love are valuable lessons a group of children that are victims of terrible violence learned thanks to two wonderful organizations this past weekend. Some of these children are trying to cope with a family crisis. Dogs always come to the rescue. 

Fox4KC News reported from this event and we're unpacking it for our readers. Everyone in that community and throughout the country should celebrate by sharing this story on social media!

The children of the Healing Pathway Victims Service Agency and Wayside Waifs together help spread kindness, with the help of some shelter dogs. 

"I just know from my own personal experiences as well as just as reading anecdotally and seeing the information on TV, often times animals who help people are just calming them down and it seems to make them happier," Virginia Murray with Pathway Victim Service Agency said."

We all know these dogs brought huge smiles to the faces of these children. The rescue dogs clearly know how they feel given they've been in crisis themselves. The kids can relate to these beautiful rescue dogs! Check out this news segment.

"The idea is with kids we can start thinking about empathy kindness, and compassion and how we treat animals, it's like all of these light bulbs go off," Ashley Stanley with Wayside Waif said. "If this is what kindness looks like to this animal, this is what kindness looks like to the people around me."

There is no better story than when a non-profit that supports shelter dogs and another that helps children come together to teach lessons of animal welfare, shelter animals, animal cruelty (even if it isn't addressed directly), foster homes and acts of kindness. I'm sure during discussions that pet overpopulation came up so these young animal lovers understand that acts of kindness include the quality care of all animals, especially those that are special needs.

Wayside Waifs is a wonderful animal shelter in Kansas City that also has a program that teaches kids about bullying and why loving homes for children (and animals) are so important! While the children at this event probably expressed feelings of sadness these adoptable animals can "share" why a new home will help them have a good life! Homeless animals have so many lessons to teach all of us. I'm sure these kids walked away with a lot of food for thought. These types of education programs should be shared with cities throughout the country and Kansas City is like many other metro areas where children are experiencing the loss of family members and family pets can help them through times of crisis!

Pet adoption and animal rescue are important lessons for everyone!

Pass the word so more community centers launch similar programs. We're always looking for stories about non-profit organizations so please let us know if there is a program in your region you think we should write about!

Wayside Waifs also has an anti-bully program for children! Please leave us a comment below!

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