Forget Alarms: Shar Pei Gives Sweetest Wake Up Calls

Waking up isn't so hard when you have the perfect furry alarm clock.

Some pets are so excited to start their day they can't wait for their owner to wake up. They bound onto the bed with a full force of licking, whining, barking, and jumping. And while all dog owners love their canine companions, they don't always love the rude awakening—especially when the dog doesn't understand the concept of sleeping in on the weekends.

This dog owner, however, doesn't have that problem.

Ava is a Shar Pei that definitely knows her manners. The breed is one of the oldest around, and they've been bred for hundreds of years to do everything from guard their owners to hunt. These days, they're more likely to hang out with a family than go trekking through the woods. Shar Peis can be stubborn and independent, but they're also loyal to their favorite people. For Ava, loyalty means wanting to spend the day with her owner but doing it politely.

Instead of jumping and barking to tell her owner it's time to start the day, Ava has an adorable routine. On mornings when she wakes up first, she gently uses her paw to prod her friend awake. She sits politely on the bed and pokes once before waiting for a response. If she doesn't get one, she gently tries again. As a big dog, Ava could easily use her size and large paws to her advantage. It would only take one bark and one jump to get her owner on their feet, but Ava is much too polite. She'd rather gently let her owner know she's there and ready to play.

Once Ava successfully gets her owner out of bed, she's ready to spend hours with her best friend. Her owner took the time to teach her manners, and now she makes politeness a priority. If only all alarm clocks were as wonderful to wake up to.

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This article was originally published March 20, 2018.

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