Help Us Save Senior Dog Lox, Living at a New York Shelter for Over a Year

Wide Open Pets has so many animal lovers that engage in posts on social media and here on the site, we're confident we can find a home for this senior dog.

Let's try and get this dog Lox out of the New York shelter he's been at since May of last year. His fans even created a Facebook page for him!

The history included in the Facebook post tells us he had a rough life and this senior dog needs a soft place to land. When he came into the shelter he arrived with a chain around his neck with a lock. This is why he's called Lox. He's at the Babylon Animal Shelter in Amityville, New York.

Lox is about 10-years-old and has been at the shelter for over a year. We want him to spend his golden years with a family whether it's a foster family or pet parents ready to adopt. His Facebook page provides some background on Lox's personality.

"Lox wants nothing more than to be your best friend. He is gentle, with a soft personality. He wants to be with you and he wants to be a pet. Lox is very cute and expressive with his ears, they flap on the sides of his head like an elephant when he is happy."

Lox needs a 'meet and greet' as he's very dog selective so this is required. Unfortunately, he is not a fan of cats.

You can find him here:

80 New Highway
Amityville NY 11701
(631) 643-9270

Older dogs are simply harder to find homes for and this dog is close to giving up hope! Perhaps if we share this we can find him a loving home or a rescue group that can foster him and get him out of the shelter. Let's help this old dog!

We're starting to highlight shelter dogs that need our help, please let us know if there is a dog that we should write about!

What do you think, can you help Lox? Please leave us a comment below.

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