Miniature Horse and a Goose are a Package Deal for Adoption

If I lived closer, I'd be very tempted to adopt these two! I've seen many pairs that needs be adopted together due to a special bond. Two dogs, a horse, and a goat but never a Miniature horse and a GOOSE. These two are adorable. I hope everyone shares this story and they get adopted this weekend.

'Waffles' the Miniature horse and 'Hemmingway' the goose will certainly bring some laughs to your farm or homestead.

You'll see in this news segment that many of the animals at this shelter need homes! One of the birds even tries to hand the news reporter an adoption sheet! You can find them all at the Bucks County, Pennsylvania SPCA. 

The Miniature horse loves his farm goose friend. They were removed under a warrant from a farm where the conditions weren't good. Anytime the staff at the shelter needs to give medication to the horse the goose gets in the way protecting his buddy. These two!! The horse has a big personality too.

We've written so many stories about unique pairs of animals that are besties. Some odd couples like a duck and a Malamute are such great friends they go everywhere together.

Mini horses are just like big dogs, right? Probably not! This package deal definitely needs an experienced horse person.

Have you ever adopted a pair before?! Please leave us a comment below!

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