moose rescue

Saving a Swedish Moose, with Ice Skates and a Hatchet

Ice and chilly water won't stop these would-be rescuers when the life of a moose is on the line.

We've seen our fair share of moose rescues over the years. And although expert swimmers, when ice and cold water is concerned, the risk of drowning can be a sad fact of life unless help is rendered quickly for these oversized animals. Luckily for this Swedish moose, help arrived in the form of ice skates, a hatchet and a spud bar.

The following rescue is certainly a risky one. The trio of compassionate saviors put themselves in harm's way, but in the end, we're left with one thankful moose that has a new lease on life.

Watch how this incredible rescue unfolds:

Breaking up that ice was a tall order in itself, but as you saw, perseverance paid off.

A tip of the hat to this trio of friendly Swedes. And what we're sure, is probably their most unusual afternoon of ice skating to date.