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Siberian Ice Fisherman Reels in a Very Grateful Moose

Courtesy of Ivan Drachev / The Siberian Times

This Siberian ice fisherman spent his day lassoing a drowning moose and reeling it in to safety. This rescue will warm your heart in spite of the icy weather.

Talk about a memorable catch! Ivan Drachev, a thirty-three-year-old Siberian ice fisherman, was looking forward to a fun day of wetting a line for perch on the frozen surface of the Ob River. Little did he know he’d end up reeling in a moose.

According to The Siberian Times, Drachev spotted some movement in a hole some distance away. Fearing that it might be a person, he quickly made his way over. Then, he discovered it was actually a young moose.

Siberian Ice Fisherman

“I called my father and told him to come to me with an anchor rope and an axe,” Drachev told reporters. “I made a lasso and managed to throw the rope around the neck of the animal at the third attempt. I tried to do it so the animal didn’t choke.

“We began to pull the moose. Luckily, it turned on its side and got its front hooves on to ice, so we dragged it for about 20 metres. Then it fell through again closer to the shore, but there was not deep, and we pulled it out easily.”

Here’s the unbelievable video of the daring rescue:

Cold, wet, and wanting to warm up, the moose cozied up to Drachev. Talk about a sweet bond and an even sweeter selfie!

Siberian Ice Fisherman
He may have even found a new skiing buddy.
Siberian Ice Fisherman

An amazing rescue from a human who truly cares. Definitely a feel-good story of the year.

A tip of the fishing cap to you, Drachev. You make us proud.

Photos Courtesy of Ivan Drachev / The Siberian Times


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Siberian Ice Fisherman Reels in a Very Grateful Moose