pressure cracks

Pressure Cracks and Deer Definitely Don't Mix

Pressure cracks are capable of swallowing many things whole, whitetail deer included.

Pressure cracks are a natural phenomenon related to ice, where large sections 'break' apart to expose open water. For snowmobilers or folk traveling by vehicle, they can be a death trap. The same can be said for whitetail deer.

This unlucky doe made the mistake of traveling across a large expanse of frozen water, unaware of the danger that these pressure cracks hold. Fortunately, help was close at hand. And because of these compassionate guys, we have ourselves a great heart-warming rescue video to watch.

Pay attention to the 19-second mark if you've never heard a deer 'growl':

There were definitely a few touch-and-go-moments when our deer friend took the plunge a second time. Luckily that soaker was short-lived.

It's always great to see the kindness of strangers. Without a hand, there's no way this deer would have made it.