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Watch This Exciting Rowboat Moose Rescue in First Person

Not sure who we sympathize with more: the bull moose, or the guy in the back of the boat rowing his heart out!

Here's a different kind of moose rescue video. This one went down on Mackey Lake in Soldotna, Alaska. A man named Tony happened to spot a young bull moose paddling around in the water, tangled in a mess of heavy cable. A call was made to Fish and Game and a rescue plan quickly hatched.

Tony was put in charge of paddling, and man, does he ever deserve some accolades. As you'll see, he worked those strokes like an Olympic champion!

Here's the amazing video, all shot POV style by the Fish and Game warden:

We love the determination these two heroes showed. That was by no means an easy rescue, but their persistence and compassion shone through. The moose even seemed to sense it was getting a helping hand.

And who can blame Tony for handing off the oars at the end of his rowing marathon. We sure hope he had a cold beer waiting for him back on shore.

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Watch This Exciting Rowboat Moose Rescue in First Person