Savage AccuFit Can Help Avoid Hunting Blunders

If our editor Eric Pickhartz had a gun with the Savage AccuFit System on his failed deer hunt, it may have ended up differently.

Anyone who's spent enough time in the woods hunting has experienced their share of mishaps, mistakes, and blunders. It's part of Mother Nature striving to keep us honest, and it's the best way to actually learn something.

That's what came out of this story from our editor, who used a borrowed gun and never took the time to get comfortable before embarking on a deer hunt.

As he tells it, the combination of poorly lining up his eye behind the optic and rushing the shot had an altogether disastrous effect. Well, it could have been worse, but a clean miss is pretty disastrous in most hunters' minds.

That's when it became exceptionally clear how much of a benefit an adjustable buttstock can really be. Though they're typically found on MSRs and long-range chassis rifles, an adjustable length of pull and comb riser height is a serious advantage.

If Eric would have had the Savage AccuFit System on that borrowed gun, he could have taken care of the issue, quickly and easily, with nothing but a screwdriver. He probably could have done it out in the field if he wanted to, and maybe even cracked off another shot at the same deer. It's that fast.

The video above shows the AccuFit System at work on the Savage Model 110 Ridge Warrior in 6.5 Creedmoor. By removing just two screws, you can change both the length of pull and raise or lower the comb height. Each AccuFit-equipped gun from Savage comes with the extra inserts, and they're lightweight and easy to pack away for when they're needed.

By swapping out the comb risers and length of pull inserts with any Phillips-head screwdriver, you can get that custom fit with the easily interchangeable parts that come with the gun.

Bolt action rifles are the kinds of things we like to see passed down, and with the Savage Accufit, the same gun that works for you can easily work for your kid or grandkid. Plus, it can grow with them as they age.

Hunting rifles like these should last a long time, cater to the user, and be optimized to do the things a gun's supposed to do. The Savage Accufit System is getting us about as close to that optimal scenario as we've ever been.