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VIDEO: Salvaging a Dead Elk's Antlers Stinks, but it's Totally Worth It

elk antlers

"I have never smelled anything like that before in my life!"

What would you do if you stumbled upon a beautiful 6 x 6 bull elk, dead on a mountain for what appears to be a few weeks? Oh, and the stench is something like you've never smelled? Well, if you're like these two fellas, salvaging those precious antlers seems like the only thing to do.

After making the discovery, Fish and Game were contacted. They checked things out and determined the trophy animal had died of natural causes, thereby granting permission for the harvesting of the antlers. And as you're about to see, these dark chocolate tines are definitely keepers.

Be thankful this video isn't offered in 'smell-o-vision': 

"The smell was so overpowering that you can almost taste it in the air."

It's a tough job but someone has to do it! According to the video's description, the temperature was in the mid-80's. Yikes!

Definitely a cool find and one that will look awesome on the wall. (Now, who needs a bath after watching that?)

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VIDEO: Salvaging a Dead Elk's Antlers Stinks, but it's Totally Worth It