elk heart shot
Facebook: Proguide66, Steve Isdahl

Tree Stops Heart-Shot Bull Elk Right in Its Tracks

This crazy footage shows why one bull elk didn't make it far after being arrowed.

Steve Isdahl has a pretty cool elk story to tell, and lucky for us, the video he shot does it more justice than any descriptive words. While recently on a hunt with his nephew in northern British Columbia, Canada, Isdahl arrowed a brute of a bull elk from 50 yards out. But it's what happened after the arrow connected that was so unusual.

According to Isdahl's June 25 post on Facebook, the bull elk stormed downhill at full speed after the shot before stopping suddenly. And as you're about to see in this video, when lumber meets an elk head-on, the tree trunks usually come out on top.

Here's the incredible footage:

Have any of our readers ever found a downed animal in a similar position? It's definitely a new one for us.

No doubt you heard the bull "moaning" after finding itself trapped. A poster questioned why Isdahl didn't take another shot to put it out of its misery. This was the response he gave:

"Any animal dies the same with. Perfect 'heart shot' . It's the sound we don't hear often and the 'sound' that tugs at your emotions like it just did. It died the exact amount of time as a perfect arrow shot which has been done thousands of times..... Your reaction only comes from the 'sound' of a dying animal jerking stress strings.
Another shot would just make the sound stop - that's it. The heart shot is what it is."

Congrats on a great elk, Steve, and one cool story to boot.

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