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Saltwater Angler Downs a Tuna Heart With a Beer Shotgun

Have you ever seen someone shotgun a tuna's heart? Well, now you have.

Fishermen are a stout-hearted breed who like to go out in bad weather, try to tame the biggest fish possible, and filet them with their own hands, all in the name of filling the frying pan.

We've seen some mighty peculiar fishing traditions before, but here's one that just might be a first: shotgunning a tuna heart.

Sometimes we feel the need to vanquish our foe by taking in a little piece of itself to engender a feeling of accomplishment over it. In other words, we smear our face with its blood, do a shot out of its eyeball, or even eat the liver just to say we won.

Here's another in a long line of odd customs that you may have tried, or been disgusted by. But there's really one question that needs answering: if you had a beer and a buddy egging you on, would you do it?

If you thought that it would catch you more fish you would!

Honestly, if you want to catch more tuna, just put that heart on a hook and throw it, but if you want to impress your fishing buddies, then do what he did.

There are more than a few fishing traditions that you may (or may not!) have heard of, like flounder tramping, corn as bait for carp, trout on mini-marshmallows, kite fishing, the salmon wheel, or noodling. The thing is that most of these are methods are for catching fish, not celebrating afterwards.

If it's all the same to you, we'll just settle for the good old-fashioned high five with the obligatory "Woo-Hoo!"

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