brown trout

Video: Here’s What a Nice Brown Trout Thinks of an Orange Stick Bait

When the southern shore of Lake Ontario warms up in April, big brown trout come in to feed just like this!

There's a saying around here that the plug fisherman will outfish the spoon fisherman most of the time.

Now that I've started the argument, let's see just what a nearly 30-inch brown will do when an old, 6-inch orange and gold-foil Rebel Fastrac swims by it.

Keep your fingers away from the screen:

This was pretty lucky, considering the fish only had the middle hook embedded on the outside of its mouth. What was even luckier was that I was using 14-pound test Berkely Crystal Fireline!

I had to retie the line as the fish wrapped itself up in it so bad that it frayed.

At least with a quick release, that fish was swimming away seconds later.

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