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Master Butchery of a Whole Tuna on Display

whole tuna

Butchering a whole tuna is a lot like butchering a large mammal. Watch as this butcher expertly breaks down the big fish into several different cuts.

Yuji Haraguchi is a master butcher, as well as the owner of the Brooklyn, New York restaurant and fish market Osakana. Osakana also offers classes on how to prepare fish to interested students. Haraguchi aptly demonstrates both his teaching and knife skills in this fine video as he thoroughly breaks down a whole tuna fish into separate cuts of meat.

His skill with each of the five knives he uses to break down the fresh fish is exceptional. Its genuinely satisfying to watch as he breaks the giant fish down into primal cuts of back loin, belly loin, pelvic fins, bones and collars.

From there, he slices the cuts into even finer pieces, destined for use as sushi and sashimi.

A whole tuna is a large animal, similar to a lamb, deer or pig in size. There are also multiple cuts of meat to be had from it, just like there are numerous cuts that a skilled butcher will produce from mammals.

This video is part of a series produced by and for Bon Appetit magazine called Beautiful Butchery. They've produced four films in the series, including videos on butchering a whole cow, hog and lamb.

If you're interested in butchering your own wild game, each of these is worth viewing. You will definitely pick up some useful hints and techniques!

This tuna butchery video, however, may not be of great help when you're filleting that mess of bluegills. It is pretty cool, though.

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Master Butchery of a Whole Tuna on Display