Roofnest Sparrow Adventure

Roofnest Introduces New Rooftop Tent with Additional Storage Crossbars

Roofnest introduces new rooftop camper that also allows gear storage.

One of the more interesting new camping trends of the last few years has been the expanding popularity of rooftop tents. The convenience of using a rooftop tent does come with one downside when camping though. There is nowhere to carry your other outdoor gear if you have bulky items like bikes or kayaks.

Roofnest, one of the more popular rooftop tent manufacturers has just announced the solution in the Roofnest Sparrow Adventure. It is the first and only rooftop camping tent to feature built-in crossbars allowing up 100 pounds of gear to be carried on top of the tent thanks to some marine-grade struts. It will support up to 40 pounds when the tent is set open.

"Campers no longer have to choose between mounting either their tent or toys to the roof of their vehicle; now they can do both. From bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, fly-fishing rods, and more, Sparrow Adventure can accommodate campers' favorite outdoor gear," Roofnest founder and CEO Tim Nickles said in a press release.

The company is releasing two sizes of this new tent system. The standard is the Sparrow Adventure, which is built for two adults and is 84 inches long by 50 inches wide. The Sparrow Adventure XL is the second model and will sleep three adults. It is the same length, but slightly wider at 56 inches. Both tent systems are only 12 inches tall and Roofnest says you can store your bedding inside the tent, leaving more room in the vehicle for extra gear.

The tent itself is built from a 280-gram polyester and cotton canvas and comes with a storage cubby, storage bags, and an integrated LED light system in the interior. The sleeping area has a three-inch foam mattress with removable cover. The tent is accessed via an 8.5-foot telescoping ladder.

The Sparrow Adventure starts at $3,295 while the XL model starts at $3,495. For more information, check out the Roofnest website.

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