Roofnest Falcon

Roofnest Introduces Two New Falcon Models to Line of Rooftop Tents

Roofnest adds two new rooftop tents to their line.

Camping has seen something a surge in popularity in 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With that boost, the demand for high quality camping gear has also gone up. It is fortunate timing that Colorado-based Roofnest, a company specializing hardshell roof top tents, has two new models coming to market, the Falcon, and the Falcon XL.

The new falcon roof top tents are longer and have wider doors to help accommodate taller people who may have trouble sleeping in other pop up tents of this nature.

Here are all the details on these two new tents direct from the manufacturer.

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This style of tent has really taken off in recent years for many reasons. First is just because of the ease of use. Setting up something like a Roofnest tent takes only seconds. Just pop two latches and a set of gas struts opens the clamshell and sets the tent up in seconds. It also makes it easier to pack away when it is time to leave than a ground tent. These tents have really gained traction with the off-road and overlanding communities where the focus is on more time playing with your truck or SUV and less time setting up and lashing all your gear down with bungee cords.

The two new Roofnest camper models are comparable in size, but the Roofnest Falcon XL is slightly larger at 60 inches wide while the Falcon is 50 inches. Both models are 90 inches long and compact down to a slim 6.5 inches tall closed, making the whole thing more aerodynamic and wasting less gas. The company says the standard size can sleep two adults while the XL can sleep three.

When set up, these tents offer about five feet of headroom in the interior. Pretty spacious for something that sets up so quickly. The interior includes a three-inch foam mattress built in with a cover to help protect it. Underneath that is an anti-condensation mat to help keep things dry. Roofnest says the tent fabric itself has a waterproof rating of 3000mm.  Aluminum honeycomb sheets on the top and bottom help keep moisture out when the tent is not in use or while driving to your next camping spot. Also built into the interior are multiple pockets for storing small items and camp accessories.

Roofnest realized that most of their market was going to serious outdoorsmen and women. That is why they built in accessory channels into the frame. These aluminum channels give a spot to attach the 8.5-foot telescoping ladder used to access the tent, but they also provide a spot to attach an awning and other tools.

The company is also making an optional roof rack system. The crossbars on the top of the tent can then be used for transporting kayaks, bikes and other gear that cannot be carried on other rooftop tents. See for more information on the Falcon models and the company's other tents, the Roofnest Sparrow and Sparrow Eye.

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