Check Out These Ridiculous Human Head Motorcycle Helmets

These human-skin motorcycle helmets by Dubai-based digital artist Jyo John Mullor are freakishly realistic. So realistic, in fact, that you might think that there are actually people out there who are conducting the sorts of crazy experiments that you might see in an off-the-wall sci-fi/horror movie. Don't worry, these things aren't actually as real as they look.

Back in the day, motorcycle helmets were simple shells that you strapped on your noggin. Then, speed bikes came into play and the enclosed look took over. Now, human skin is the latest craze. Well, sort of.

A former design lead at companies like Hyundai and Haagen-Dazs (yes, the ice cream company), Mullor's project, aptly named "Human Helmet," is all about creating hyper-realistic concept designs shaped after human heads. Note, these are not actual production motorcycle helmets for riding, but digital designs that incorporate photo editing software in merging human heads to helmet proportions.

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Freakishly Realistic

Among Mullor's creations is a standard light-skinned balded helmet with a large earring, as well as a metallic goggle-wearing tanned figure, all with a focus on hyper-realism, not the warped heads popular today.

In an interview with, Mullor was optimistic his creations would not attract too much attention from law enforcement.

"We are changing the cover design now to look more like second skin," Mullor said. "But I believe it won't cause any problems with law enforcement officers. You will just have to take the "second head" off to show that it's just a helmet. "

Here's to seeing real human hair on a helmet one day to complete the realism.

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