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Motorcycle with Airplane Engine and Hubless Wheels Takes to the Streets

We've seen some pretty crazy contraptions hit the streets in our day, but the TMC Dumont motorcycle is on another level of ridiculous. And definitely in a good way. I mean, just look at this thing. Have you ever seen anything like it? It looks like something straight out of Blade Runner or Tron.

Winning the "Best of Show" award at Daytona Bike Week in March 2018, the TMC Dumont, an airplane engine-equipped hubless motorcycle, runs on 36-inch wheels with a 300 horsepower Rolls-Royce Continental V6 engine. This ain't your average Harley or Indian bike, that's for sure.

It was built by Tarso Marques, a Brazilian ex-Formula One racer turned custom builder. Racing in 24 Formula One Grands Prix, Marques has spent most of his career in race cars. But, the dude still knows his motorcycles and demonstrated a ton of national pride in putting the TMC Dumont project together.

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"My greatest motivation was to show the Americans our capacity for creation and innovation with a 100% national project," the retired Formula 1 driver said in an interview. "And I think these trophies of the photos respond well to this doubt and prove that not only did we succeed, but that the dream was worth it."

Notice the awkward rear positioning of the driver to the back-wheel and the obstructed front view that's blocked by the front wheel. Hopefully, higher seating is in the plan for the next design round. But, anyway, now we're just nitpicking. When you think outside the box with a project the way Marques did, not everything can be perfect.

This thing looks sweet. Wonder if there's any way we could get a test drive...

This post was originally published on July 17, 2019.

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