Driver Cuts off Motorcycle-Riding Veterans and Gets Immediate Taste of Justice

Watch what the driver of this Jeep does to a group of motorcycle-riding veterans.

Of the countless organizations that honor and support our service men and women, Project 22 and its Ride for Vets initiative is a great way for military veterans to bond over their love of riding motorcycles.

The police-escorted motorcycle ride is the cornerstone of the event, and, as you can see from the video, it's clearly not all fun for everyone.

One Jeep owner, who evidently had somewhere to be in a hurry, decided to hop the curb and attempt to drive around the escort. Not only is that a complete and total jerk move in general, but also one that ended up almost taking out at least one of the bikers in the process.

In the end, the Jeep driver forgot one of the most crucial things about police escorts: the whole police part. Naturally, his reckless move got him immediately pulled over by a motorcycle cop.

Clearly, something happens between the driver and these bikers before the video even starts. You can see the biker behind the helmet-cam shake his head in disapproval as the Jeep tries to cut off the vets. That same helmet-cam biker also happened to have a pretty strong message for the Jeep driver right as he got pulled over by the cop.

No matter how inconvenient the motorcycle escort may have been for the driver of the Jeep, he probably should've thought a couple of things through before deciding to go all loose cannon. Hopefully, this guy learned his lesson and won't try pulling something as stupid and careless as this ever again.