Brave Snake Handlers Remove 60 Rattlers From Under Texas Home

Whatever these guys were paid, it was not enough!

Many people have a huge fear of snakes, especially any of the venomous ones. It is something that was probably naturally ingrained in us from our ancestors when they realized the dangers of these reptiles. In any case, some people just freak out when they see a snake. Even more so when the reptiles slither their way into or under human dwellings.

This house in Wichita Falls, Texas has a bit of a rattlesnake problem. In fact, it is worse than you might imagine. Approximately 60 rattlesnakes have decided to den up in the crawl space under the home.

Fortunately, there are snake handlers who are trained to deal with this sort of thing. The snake handlers document the job completely and it is nothing short of a nightmare for anyone who dislikes snakes or has any sort of claustrophobia.

At least we know this home is unlikely to have a rodent problem. The guys may have laughed and joked about charging by the snake, but we imagine these guys probably could if they wanted. There is probably not a whole lot of competition out there for snake removal, especially when it comes to the venomous variety. The fact the snakes were able to get into the crawlspace immediately made this place attractive to the snakes. However, when you add in that tarp, it becomes heaven.

Many people in the video's comments joked they would have burned the house down or simply let the snakes have it. The homeowner made the right call by getting some experts to deal with the problem. Most snakebites happen when someone tries to kill or capture a snake. Trying to remove that many from a crawlspace is a dangerous prospect for anyone.

We are simply glad it was them and not us who had to remove all these dangerous reptiles. Still, give that man who was under the house a raise!

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