Timber Rattlesnake
YouTube: Gator Country TX

Female Snake Handler Removes Two Timber Rattlesnakes From Texas Home

Timber rattlesnakes will slip into your home if you are not careful.

Many humans have an incredible fear of snakes. Especially when they invade homes and catch us off-guard in a place that is normally supposed to be serpent-free. The fear factor goes up a few notches when someone hears the unmistakable sound of rattlesnakes coming from inside the home.

That is just what happened in this instance. A house in east Texas is being renovated when the workers come in one morning to hear the bone-chilling sound of a rattlesnake. Uncertain what to do, the homeowner calls for help from Gator County Adventure Park, an alligator and reptile sanctuary.

When help arrives, the two snake handlers quickly discover the problem. Two large timber rattlesnakes and they are not too happy to be disturbed.

This incident turned out extremely well for both the animals and the humans. The snakes were removed without harm and have been released back into the wild where they belong. It seems the homeowner is a little worse for wear when she said she could not decide whether to continue the renovation or sell outright. The truth is the snakes were probably more afraid of the humans than she was of them.

There are lot of good lessons to be learned from this video. First and foremost was that opening under the tub that allowed the snakes access to the home. If you live in snake country, you must board up all openings like that. Even during a renovation, you will want to do it, because you never know when a wayward serpent is going to happen past. Second, make sure to make the underside of your home as snake-proof as possible. The snakes would have never gotten into the home had they not had access to the underside first.

The last lesson is what they talked about at the end of the video. Most bites on humans happen when untrained people try to move or kill a snake on their own. When it comes to venomous reptiles, this is a job best left to the experts.

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