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Rare Video: Mega-Tsunami Makes Landfall at Greenland Fishing Village


In June, a mega-tsunami hit the coast of Greenland.

Officials say it was one of the tallest on record at 328 feet high. Besides the size, there was another rare occurrence related to the mega-tsunami. It was captured making landfall on video.

In the video, the mega-tsunami starts to reach the shores of the small fishing village of Nuugaatsiaq. Most times, areas are evacuated before a tsunami reaches land. So, it's rare to see any video of such an event.

Of course, no one was around to document the 328-foot crest of the wave.

While it is interesting to see this video, it is a tragedy. Four people were killed in the small fishing village of just 84 people, along with dozens sustaining injuries. In addition, 11 homes were washed away due to the force of the event.

Officials think a massive landslide caused the tsunami. Nuugaatsiaq is just over 12 miles from where the event started.

Originally, it was thought a 4.0 earthquake caused the tsunami. However, officials now think the mass of the landslide was enough to shake seismometers to falsely record as an earthquake.

The landslide took place at the cliffs of Karrat Fjord. Scientists think the slide measured more than 3,000 feet long and 900 feet wide. 

Landslides happen on Greenland during the summer months because warmer temperatures melt the permafrost and ice sheets.


Rare Video: Mega-Tsunami Makes Landfall at Greenland Fishing Village