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8 Fishing Gadgets Put to the Test by CrazyRussianHacker

Admit it. You're tempted to buy many of the fishing gadgets you see out there.

But, you'd also rather figure out if they work before spending the money. YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker recently posted a video of himself testing eight fishing gadgets that may help you decide on a few items.

Several of the gadgets he tries are to help keep safe from cuts or hooks. One is a glove for handling fish to prevent cuts from sharp fins and bites.

He also demonstrates lure covers, which prevent hooking, and keep lures separate.

A hook remover, grabs the hook to pull it from a fish's mouth, without getting your fingers too close to the hook or the teeth. He even shows off a scaling and filleting board that grips the fish by the tail. Maybe they don't get those much in Russia.

A couple of the gadgets help protect gear. A reel cover helps prevent damage from drops and bumps. And the fishing rod jacket is a sleeve that slides over the rod to prevent fishing line tangles

Then there's the "wacky worm tool" to help attach plastic worms to hooks with O-rings.

And CrazyRussianHacker's favorite fishing gadget he tries in the video? A snelled hook holder to keep each hook and line separate and organized. How? One end of the plastic board has several small tabs for the line to attach to, while toward the other end are slots for the hooks.

What's your favorite fishing gadget?