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First Raw Footage of Deadly Everest Avalanche From a Survivor [VIDEO]

What started as a casual video of the Everest base camp suddenly turned into terror as the force of the deadly avalanche was about to hit.

This is some really raw footage. The video was reportedly shot by German climber Jost Kobusch. It shows the tents and people in the Everest base camp, and you can hear the men casually chuckling that the ground is shaking.

Suddenly figures at the far end of camp begin running. Kobusch and his colleagues look to the left and see a massive wall of snow and ice only yards away bearing down on them.

They curse and frantically dive into the nearest tent for what little shelter it might offer, keeping the camera running the entire time. As the avalanche hits, the camera shakes and we hear the men fearfully curse over and over (what else is there to say at such a moment?).

They cautiously emerge covered in icy snow, having been spared the brunt of the avalanche’s force. They were lucky.

18 people lost their lives in the camp, and many more were injured. The avalanche was set off by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal that has killed over 3,000 people in Nepal and neighboring countries.

Mariusz Malkowski, one of the base camp survivors described the event as a wave of snow and ice, accompanied by a tremendous gust of air. “Imagine a tsunami,” he said.

Another climber and base camp survivor, Sean Wisedale, wrote on his blog, “It was terrifying.  From the neighbouring mountain Pumori an avalanche was triggered.  A massive ice slab sheared and thundered into Base Camp.  It lifted rocks and boulders ahead of it, slamming into hundreds of tents in the center of the camp and spilling over onto the Khumbu glacier on the other side.”

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First Raw Footage of Deadly Everest Avalanche From a Survivor [VIDEO]