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Fishing Boat Debris from Japan Tsunami Drifts to Oregon with a Load of Live Fish

All images via Washington Post

Japanese commercial fishing boat shows up of the coast of Oregon with live fish still aboard.

Last Thursday, officials were out checking fishing licenses off the coast of Oregon when they came across a large piece of a 50-foot Japanese commercial fishing boat, potentially debris from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011.

More and more debris is showing up on the West coast of the U.S. that is most likely from the devastating Japanese tsunami and earthquake of 2011. The tsunami in 2011, that created over 300-foot waves, swept almost five tons of debris into the ocean. Now, much of it is appearing off the coast of Oregon.

This particular piece of debris had live fish still aboard. When officials brought the piece in, they found about 20 jackfish still aboard. Jackfish are a species that are found off the coast of Japan.


Chris Havel, spokesman for the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, says that at least three or four pieces of debris, likely from Japan, wash up on shore each year.  He thinks this piece of debris is from a fishing trawler.

“Trawlers are designed to go into deeper water, and they’re designed to haul a load of fish in, so it may have been a commercial fishing boat,” Havel said. “It’s deeper and more substantial, but still it’s not like a boat designed to go across the ocean.”

The fishing trawler will be brought into port since it has been thoroughly checked and cleared for invasive species. Officials will then look for any numbers or markers for its origins.


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Fishing Boat Debris from Japan Tsunami Drifts to Oregon with a Load of Live Fish