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Rancher's Response to Ellen's Instagram Post About Anti-Meat Remarks #Eatlessmeat

Ellen Degeneres asks viewers to eat less meat in her latest video and ranchers are responding. The line she uses is, 'Hey, be neat, no meat'.

Most of these ranchers love Ellen so it's more of a rant to set the record straight with facts about animal welfare and the environment when it comes to raising beef, pork, chicken, and fish. We unpack this rancher's video below.

This rancher is so well-spoken and she speaks really highly of Ellen before she talks about some of the points made in the anti-meat video (she also spoke about going anti-meat on her show).

"Nobody knows about animal welfare better than the people that raise animals for a living."

She emphasizes that animal welfare is of the utmost importance to ranchers. Farmers and ranchers know that sick and unhealthy animals cannot watch animal suffering!

(This Montana rancher is hilarious about her vegetable garden). It's really worth watching the rancher's video and it's short so watch and share.

This is the Instagram post from Ellen about eating less meat.

Here are some of the highlights this rancher points out.

  • Beef and dairy combined are less than four percent of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Food is wasted! 40 percent goes wasted! SO food waste is where we should start.
  • Animal welfare as we pointed out above is the highest priority for farmers and ranchers.

Maybe Ellen will go out and visit this ranch in Montana and meet this woman! I love her acts of kindness and can see her making the trip whether or not she eats meat.

This rancher encourages people to share her message so share, please!

Also, Ellen embraces a vegan lifestyle and is a big advocate for a vegan diet. She was a vegan for eight years so veganism is close to her heart.

I know many vegan activists and we'll have discussions over animal rights as many farm sanctuaries are run by my vegan friends. I also know many ranchers and they follow all the best practices when it comes to animal welfare so I'm a big advocate when it comes to how cattle are cared for - I do eat meat.

I think Ellen Degeneres should consider having a rancher she respects on her show! Her audience would benefit from learning about animal agriculture and how ranchers humanely treat their animals.

Whether you're eating fish, vegan food, or want to go vegan there is a lot to know about both sides and the varying opinions! Just by shopping at local farmer's markets you can talk to farmers about their methods and the high-quality products they have for sale. You don't need to shop at Whole Foods to experience 'real' food and should instead shop locally. Then spread your story on social media and I bet more people would follow your lead!

Tell us what you think about the ranchers have to say in the comments below!

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