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Rare and Endangered Newfoundland Pony Born

We were so excited to see a story and Tweet announcing this news! Horse news like this doesn't come around too often, we wrote about a rare set of twins born awhile ago and then got an update they were doing very well. Mini horses are also super hot right now as they're boarding airplanes as therapy animals!

Newfoundland ponies are a landrace breed, meaning that they evolved with limited human intervention in the rugged natural environment of Newfoundland. 

With that in mind, a lot of ranchers are trying to save this breed.

Horse Talk tells us there are thought to be fewer than 500 of the critically endangered breed left. It has been recognized as a Heritage Animal by the Newfoundland Government. reported that the owner is thrilled about this new pony. Sarah Kean and her family are trying to keep the breed alive.

"That's why Sarah Kean and her family are especially thrilled to announce the birth of their newest foal. Named Salty, the little filly is thought to be only the fourth Newfoundland pony born this year. She's part of a widespread effort to keep the breed alive, and she's joining a beloved herd with a long history."

First, how adorable is this pony? In the 1980s the breed hit an all-time low of only 100 ponies in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Fun facts about the breed:

  • Newfoundland ponies are a mix of Mountain and Moorland breeds brought to Newfoundland from the old countries over 400 years.  
  • This pony breed has not had outside blood purposely added to "improve" it, as has happened to their ancestral breeds.  It is a walking genetic time capsule, remaining as nature created it,  and is the last native pony breed that can claim that.  
  • They also have physical survival traits.  For instance, they have hooded eyes to help keep the snow and rain out.  Their tails are low set to aid in snow sliding off. 

The Newfoundland Pony Society has a ton of information and in the United States, there are said to 40-50 remaining. This rare Newfoundland pony is a victory for everyone trying to save the breed.

They are best kept outdoors, with a shelter to get out of the weather as they choose.  Their thick furry coats are incredibly insulating. Most don't care for or need blanketing. This is a horse breed that seems to handle weather with no problem!

What do you think about this pony? Share your thoughts below.

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