QALO Steps It Up Even More with New Step Edge Ring Line

QALO rings expands their already impressive lineup with a more comfortable everyday ring to fit any lifestyle.

 If you haven't heard of QALO wedding rings you are missing out. These super comfortable silicone wedding rings were made for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. They have managed to up themselves with their latest design called the Step Edge.

This new ring was born to be worn everywhere from the office to the outdoors. Offering a flat silhouette for comfort with smooth rounded edges, the Step will make you feel like you're not wearing a ring at all.


The Step Edge is made from QALO's exclusive Q2X material.  This makes working with high temps, solvents, and more no issue.

It will be available in four colors. Jade and grey will be available for both men and women, while black is exclusive for the men's line and lilac for the women's.


If the Step Edge doesn't fit what you are looking for, check out the other numerous options available on their site.

Stop taking the chance of losing or damaging your traditional wedding ring when at the gym or wherever your adventures may take you. Spend 25 bucks and dive into the freedom a QALO wedding ring can offer. You won't be disappointed.

Valentine's Day is also right around the corner. Surprise the adventurer in your life with a ring they will be excited about.

All photos via QALO rings.

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