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Like Antler Projects? Make an Antler Ring to Remember That Buck Forever


There are a lot of cool projects you can make from antler, but how about a ring you can dawn everyday to remember a hunt by?

Anyone who hunts deer often ends up with a large collection of antlers. While you could just hang them around randomly, you can also make some cool pieces from them! How about a antler ring you can wear day to day to keep your passion close?

While many don’t realize it, working with antler is very similar to wood. Woodworker and YouTuber LederKram knows this all to well. He makes a number of cool things from both.

Follow along with him in this video to learn how to turn cuts of antler into nice-looking rings.

This is a fantastic project for any hunter who is into DIY projects. You could make one for yourself to remember a special hunt, or even a few to give to your hunting buddies at deer camp.

I couldn’t believe how great those rings turned out in the end. If you are wondering what he used to get that nice shine, it translates from the video summary as:

Sanded up to 4000 grit and finished with a mix of 1/3 shellac, 1/3 den. alcohol, 1/3 boiled linseed oil (for a nice looking antique effect on bone/Antler).”

I am definitely going to have to give this one a shot for myself. I would gladly wear one of those in place of my wedding ring.

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Like Antler Projects? Make an Antler Ring to Remember That Buck Forever