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QALO Wedding Ring: Made by Outdoorsmen For Outdoorsmen


If your traditional metal wedding band annoys you on your outdoor adventures, then look into something more comfortable with a ring from QALO.  

A few years ago I quickly figured out how impeding a wedding ring can be to an outdoorsman. My metal band became even more of a hassle as I began to pursue my outdoor passions to other levels.

My ring would dig into my finger from being pressed against my fishing rod. The metal would scratch my rifles and shotguns while at the range or hunting. Worst of all was, as a mechanic, having to remove it to work each day.

I was at my breaking point when a friend tagged me in an ad for QALO wedding rings.

QALO (pronounced kay-lo) stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, Outdoors. They make a new kind of wedding ring that fits perfectly into any outdoorsman’s active lifestyle.

Newly married in 2012, the creators of these nifty rings found themselves, along with numerous others, in the same boat as myself. After an exhaustive search they came up empty handed for an alternative.

Out of options they set off down the challenging path of reinventing the wedding ring.

The QALO team spent numerous hours testing various designs and materials, trying to find the perfect one. They then stumbled upon silicone.

After pairing the silicone with a sleek design, they had created the solution they were looking for. A 100% medical grade silicone ring that was durable, water-resistant, fireproof, and more.


“Ultimately we ended up with a product that we are really proud of,” said QALO’s Heidi Adams. “We continue to launch new designs while also evolving and adjusting our designs to improve quality of comfort and ensure we have the right fit for all customer segments.”

With that I feel they have succeeded above and beyond what they set out to do.

Their rings flex and bend with your finger allowing for maximum comfort while still allowing your finger breath. I don’t even feel like I am wearing a ring most of the time no matter what activity I am doing.


Whether you are a man or woman hitting the surf, field, gym, or workshop, you will find something to fit your needs with the numerous styles and colors offered.

With most rings at $20 they are inexpensive to replace if you lose one over an expensive wedding band. They even come with a small carry pouch that you can place your regular wedding band in when swapping to your QALO ring for safe keeping.

Being of a silicone base they are really easy to clean. Whether it is grease from a car, blood from game, or guts from a fish, it all washes right off leaving no trace or smell behind.


The most important point about these rings is the safety factor. If a traditional ring catches on something it can rip your skin, or cut off circulation if your finger swells from a break.

While not designed to break under normal use, it is capable under extreme situations which could save your fingers. If all else fails they stretch enough for EMS to snip it off if need be.

No one can be a better example of this than QALO supporter and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. After having his metal wedding band catch on a table after tripping, the ring nearly ripped his finger off.

This is really important to me when working on vehicles at my job. I often have to jam my hands down into tight areas to do repairs or work around moving parts. Knowing the ring can break away if seriously caught in something truly eases my mind.


QALO not only offers top quality rings, but believes in giving back as well.

Beginning August second they are offering a special ‘Ava Ring’, which 20% of sales will be donated to the children’s cancer foundation NEGU. This ring is in honor of Crossfit champion and QALO ambassador Jason Khalipa’s daughter who is currently battling cancer.

I cannot recommend these rings enough to anyone with an active lifestyle such as myself. I wear mine nearly everyday and have never regretted my purchase after nearly a year of use.

Whether you are an outdoorsman, firefighter, military, or whatever you won’t regret it either. Get over to the QALO website and find out more.

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QALO Wedding Ring: Made by Outdoorsmen For Outdoorsmen