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Concealed Carry Leggings Expand Self-Defense Options for Women

concealed carry leggings
Undertech Undercover

Leggings with a holster sewn into the waist combine fashion with function.

One of the most frequent complaints about the design of women's clothing is the lack of pockets. Where's a lady supposed to hide her weapon? What if she's not the kind of woman to carry a purse?

Well, Undertech Undercover has developed not only a solution to the problem of pockets, but has placed pockets designed specifically for concealed carry into leggings.


A half dozen employees from the Glock Store were given Undertech Undercover's original concealment leggings to test out and review. They described the product as soft, comfortable, and breathable, praising the placement of the holsters, which allows the user to feel that the gun is there without it being bothersome.

The company also offers shorts to expand the versatility of their product line, and they have the same style of holster as the original concealment leggings.


They can be worn seasonally with warmer weather, or double as an undergarment to serve as a concealed carry option that can fit wardrobe options like dresses or business casual pants.


The unique, functional clothing line also includes options for shirts, as well as men's shirts and boxer briefs with the same concealed carry pockets sewn into the material.


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Concealed Carry Leggings Expand Self-Defense Options for Women