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Momma "Begs" Motorists to Save Puppies From Freezing Drain

Compassionate rescuers help momma dog save her puppies from a drain in the snow.

Rescue dogs take refuge wherever they can in winter weather. One sweet pup stashed herself and her puppies in a drainage pipe under the snow to keep her family safe and warm. Even though they had shelter, she knew they could not stay there forever. In a heartwarming viral video on social media, this sweet momma approaches rescuers to save her and her puppies from a drain pipe.

Puppies Saved From Drain 

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Last year, an animal rescue received a call about a dog sleeping inside a storm drain on the side of a busy road. She seemed to come out whenever someone would pass by as if she was trying to get their attention.

The animal rescue headed out to the location to help her. The pipes were pretty well buried in snow as they walked along the road looking for her. However, one pipe did not seem to have as much snow as the others. When the rescuers whistled, the dog immediately came running out of the drain the first time they called, greeting them with her tail wagging.

She kept looking back toward the pipe, though. It's like the rescue dog was trying to tell them something. So the rescue group went to investigate. When they looked into the pipe, they saw three little puppies in the middle. So the old girl had been trying to get someone to save her and her puppies all along.

puppies saved from drain

The rescue effort began. The puppies were not too keen on coming out of the pipe. In the trending video, the rescues try to take the momma dog back to the drain, hoping her puppies would follow her out. However, the puppies were still unsure of the situation. Since the puppies would not follow her out, the rescuers put her into their van so she would be safe.

Plan B was to lure the babies out with some food, but they were too young and were not interested in the food. Since nightfall was approaching, the rescuers went to plan C. They stuck branches in one end while the other rescuers stood a the other attempting to scoop the puppies with a broom. After some time, they were able to pull all three puppies out and reunite them with their momma in the safety of the rescue van. If that doesn't put you in the mood for the holiday season, we don't know what will! In the latest news, the puppies and their momma were taken to the rescue for some good food and a warm bed. Now, they are happy and healthy all together with plenty of room to run around and play.

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