Texas Fireman Crawls Through Tunnel to Save Dog Before It’s Too Late

This little Shih Tzu is grateful for the Austin Fire Dept rookies!

When you're a rookie in a fire or police department, sometimes you're stuck with doing the tasks that may involve crawling through a tunnel to save a helpless little dog.

At least that's what the Austin Fire Department rookies are there for!

The Austin Fire Department posted this on their Facebook page congratulating rookie Probationary Firefighter Eric Barras on a job well done. 

It all started when the fire department got a call that a dog had gotten stuck in a concrete retention assembly, but instead of coming to his rescuers the little Shih Tzu ran away and got himself stuck in a drainage pipe.

The shift crew from Engine 40 sent rookie Eric Barras after the dog with a leash and a flashlight because,

"That's what rookies are for!"

Animal lovers everywhere were happy to see the dog safe and sound in the fireman's arms.

It was extra important that the firefighters get the dog out of the drainage pipe since it dropped to 22 degrees that night!


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