21 Fluffy Puppies That Will Make You Drop Everything

Beware of the fluff.

As if puppies weren't already the greatest gift to mankind, they have to go and be major fluffballs, which skyrockets their cuteness level to intolerable.

Nothing to see here. Just some fluffy puppies doing fluffy puppy things.

But we'll take one of each, please.


Never enough Pom.

Add "Shih Tzu puppy" to the list of things I need in life.

The squinty eyes only add to the adorableness.

Pretty sure this is just a bear cub.


Post-spa day.

Henceforth, all future naps require a pooch. Specifically, this one.


My heart just melted.

And I die from cuteness.

What did humans do to deserve this?

My life is complete.

Currently googling "how to obtain a fluffy puppy."



Will take one in every color, please.

That haircut, though.

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The best part of beach life.

1 bajillion on a cuteness scale of 1 to 10.


I just can't.

I said no more!

*Abandons everything to go find every fluffy puppy ever*

We're on the same page here, right? That was just TOO MUCH.

There are plenty more fluffy puppies where those came from, and we're sure you've got some fluffball photos to share. Tag #wideopenpets and #fluffypuppy on social media.

Which fluffy puppy pic was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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