12 Texas Dogs Enjoying Winter Maybe for the First Time

Let's just say, Texas doesn't get "snow" often. 

Texas has seen some pretty frigid weather in the winter of 2018. The latest storm hit Tuesday, giving people the day off of school and work due to unsafe and icy road conditions. 500 flights were canceled out of Houston. There was even some actual white stuff on the ground that stuck around rather than melting as soon as the sun came out.

Dogs in Texas might not have known why their human stayed home from work but they got to experience some winter weather, and it might have been their first time seeing snow!

Here are 12 Texas dogs that enjoyed the mini snow day.

1. At least this Ridgeback remembered his jacket. 

2. Sawyer decided to skip the day outside. 

3. This Catahoula doesn't know why his feet are cold...

4. "WHAT is this this white stuff??"


5. Also learning snow can be eaten. 


6. "Why is the backyard white?"


7. "I'll just lay here until I get real cold."

8. "YES, it's finally time to bring out the matching outfits," says the dog moms...

9. "Mmm, I'll hold it today."

10. What Lexi was born for, really.

11. First time seeing snow for Nelson! 

12. No school for Bentley today!

Dogs across Texas enjoyed their snow day, but alas, their humans had to go back to the real world. These pups will just have to wait until the next storm, as much as their humans may dread it.

Texas is still seeing icy conditions, so be careful on the road. Maybe there will still be some snow for your dog to play in when you get home!

What did you do for the Texas snow day? Tell us in the comments below. 

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