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Black Cats Face Real Dangers When Halloween Comes Around

Why do just black cats need to be protected on Halloween? There are some pretty sinister practices out there. 

For animals, Halloween time is not just about trick-or-treating, pumpkins, and adorable costumes, especially for black cats. Unfortunately, black cats are a part of many different satanic rituals this time of year. So protecting black cats on Halloween becomes imperative. Some animal shelters even take it so far as to halt the adoption of black cats. Some don't limit it to just all-black cats, either. If a cat is mostly black, you will have to wait until after the Halloween season.

Why Do Black Cats Need To Be Protected?


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Most people think of black cats as companion animals. However, some people have nefarious reasons for wanting to adopt a black cat. The history of black cats and Halloween dates back thousands of years. They were thought to house evil spirits and were sacrificed during satanic rituals and were sacrificed by Druid circles in fires. People also believed that witches and warlocks could use cats as their familiars in the Middle Ages, therefore drawing the line between black cats and the dark arts. However, to this day, satanic cults still will use them in their rituals.

In reality, black cats are just loveable felines who like snuggles just as much as brown, grey and white cats. Many shelter workers will not adopt out black cats during the month of October just to make sure there is no chance for animal abuse. So limiting their accessibility is one of the best ways to ensure their safety. looked into the claims that black cats are in danger during the season but found it to be inconclusive overall. While they did see that black cats are tied to myths about being bad luck and a part of ancient rituals, there was no conclusive evidence that this type of torture still occurs. However, Snopes talked to Carroll Country Maryland Humane Society executive director Nicky Ratliff, who said they do not allow the cats to be adopted before Halloween. She said, "Not only black cats, but also solid white cats. And not only on Halloween but on several holidays on the satanic calendar."

It's also not just about being bad or good luck. Black cats are also subject to pranks, and some are even used as live decorations sitting nicely next to people's jack-o-lanterns. Then once the season is over, they are either returned, abandoned, or destroyed.

While these sweet feline friends deserve loving homes just as much as other kitties, they tend to be the hardest to adopt due to their color and the myths attached to them.

If you are a proud owner of a black cat, you may want to keep them inside during the Halloween season. Some owners keep their felines in just on Halloween itself, while others choose to keep them in the whole week, or even for the month of October. It all just depends on the area you live in. Personally, we kept our black cat, Vader, in for the week of Halloween and our orange and black tortie, Bandit, in for the same time frame, much to both of their dismay. But, it made us feel better knowing that they were safe, just in case!

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