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Profiling the CZ 75B, the Flagship Semi-Auto for Home Defense

The CZ 75B is considered one of the highest quality handguns on the planet.

In the world of home defense, there are literally hundreds of different options for handguns. You have your Brownings, your Sigs, your Colts, Springfields and Glocks and so on that are frequently mentioned first. However, one of the best options on the market today is an older design in the CZ 75B.

The gun world is known for being finicky, but this full size 9mm pistol has received almost universal acclaim since it was first introduced back in 1975. Users praise its trigger mechanism, magazine capacity, and comfortable grip.

In fact, the gun has a long service history with law enforcement, military and security agencies worldwide. Today we will profile this gun and tell you some of the features that make the CZ 75B a solid choice for shooters looking for a reliable handgun.

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The origins of the CZ 75B

As you may have already guessed from the name, this handgun was first introduced back in 1975 and quickly became the "flagship model of the CZ handgun line," as the manufacturer Ceska Zbrojovka puts it. You may have also known that this gun's county of original is the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia as it was formerly known before Slovakia became its own sovereign state.

In any case, the modern CZ company was established in 1936 and manufactured many different pistols, machine guns over the years until they really gained a name with this handgun in 1975. The whole reason the CZ 75's design was to have something to export to foreign markets. What designer brothers Josef Franstisek Koucky came up with was a short action recoil 9mm Luger handgun. It immediately turned heads for its solid steel frame and incredible accuracy.

Another game changer with the original CZ 75 was the 16+1 round capacity which was something of an anomaly in 1975. One of the closest competitors was the now legendary Browning Hi-Power. Speaking of the Hi-Power, the CZ 75 was instantly familiar to users of that firearm thanks to the construction and the addition of a manual safety switch in almost the same location. The CZ 75 was basically a gun that fixed some of the few flaws in John Browning's classic unfinished design.

Word spread quickly about this accurate and well-made high capacity double/single action semi-auto and the rest was history. CZ had firmly cemented their place as a legend in the firearms industry almost overnight.

Features of the CZ 75B

In case it was not obvious, the "B" models are not the original CZ handguns. The company changed the design slightly in the 90s. It still has the same great ergonomics and solid steel construction, but they added a firing pin block safety. Thus, every model with this feature has been stamped with the "B" designation since then. The company also made the trigger guard serrated. There have been some other variations like the CZ 75BD that includes a decocker in place of the safety and other models like the "stainless steel" and CZ 75 compact which should be self-explanatory. There was also the "CZ 75B Omega" which was also chambered for .40 S&W. The company has also built ambidextrous and newer alloy frame models that reduce the weight, but today we are going to focus mostly on the double action/single action "B" model.

One of the reasons this firearm has such a sterling reputation is because of the simplicity of it. This is the gun for the person who only buys something that is quality made. This pistol has an all-steel construction. That design choice does make the gun heavy at 35 ounces. While that makes it less desirable for concealed carry, it also helps with recoil and accuracy. It just feels well-made in the hand and in the holster. If you are looking for something to keep in a drawer for self-defense in the home, that weight becomes a moot point anyway. The simple-looking grips are what makes this firearm so ergonomic. This is one of those firearms you simply must handle to appreciate. For most people, the grip fits their hand like a glove thanks to the black polymer grips.

The gun has an overall length of 8.1 inches and a barrel length of 4.6 inches. That barrel is hammer forged and the gun has a black polycoat finish. Most standard models come fitted with 3-dot sights on the front and rear. However, CZ-USA also offers models with Tritium fiber optic night sights for those looking for something easier to see.

These days, many people like to replace the stock triggers on their handguns, but the stock DA/SA trigger on the CZ 75B gets a lot of praise from most. There are some mixed opinions here. Some say the trigger is great straight out of the box and others believe it needs a long break-in period. Others say it is better when used strictly as a single action trigger or vice versa. It all comes down to personal preference, but if you start researching you will find most people have positive things to say about this pistol. We already mentioned the CZ 75B has an awesome capacity thanks to the double column magazines. However, CZ recognized changing gun regulations and have made compliant models that will be legal for states like California too.

While user complaints about this handgun are mostly few, there is one aspect that comes up consistently and that is the slide. It has something of an unusual design. The rails for the slide are internal and it slides into rather than over. If you are used to other handguns, this may be unusual the first time you disassemble the firearm. Most people adapt quickly, but it does take a little getting used to.

The CZ 75B has a reputation for not being picky about most ammo. The only complaints we have read involved aluminum case rounds, which let's face it, do not have a sterling reputation to begin with. Otherwise the 75B seems to handle factory rounds and reloads with few issues. The consensus on bullet weight I dug up was that 124 grain bullets seems to perform the best.

Overall, the CZ 75B is a solid choice for a 9mm handgun. It is simple to operate, fun to take to the range and is one of the most comfortable handguns you will ever shoot. The fact that they sell this gun for only about $600 only adds to the appeal of this classic firearm.

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