CZ Model 27
YouTube:Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek Revisits the First Handgun He Ever Shot, the CZ Model 27

Jerry Miculek's first handgun has a great story behind it.

Everyone remembers the first gun they ever shot. Usually it is something that our father or grandfather owned and teaches us the basics of shooting with. We are not surprised to learn that was also the case for champion shooter Jerry Miculek.

Everyone must start somewhere, and the king of speed shooting's beginnings with handguns are even more humble than you might expect.

Some of you might think Jerry got his start on an American gun like a 1911 or an old Colt single action revolver. However, it turns out it was a .32 ACP caliber Czech-made CZ Model 27. There is a fascinating story of how he came into possession of this pistol.

We absolutely love the story behind how Jerry got this gun. His father was one of many veterans of World War II who brought home a war souvenir from Czechoslovakia. Can you imagine being able to trade a pack of cigarettes for a gun? We would say his father got the better end of the deal. It led to his son taking an interest in firearms and becoming one of the greatest shooters in the world. Now he gets to shoot guns like this all day for a living. Who would have thought?

We got a good laugh out of Jerry's father not realizing how accurate handguns would eventually become as technology increased too. Jerry probably never could have anticipated that he would be showing this gun off to millions on the Internet years down the line.

The CZ 27 is a blowback style pistol that continued to be produced in Czechoslovakia for some time after the war. Many of them ended up as military surplus after the war because hundreds of thousands were made. We are glad to see this one survived to remind us of the history of the war. It is safe to say it is in good hands with Jerry!

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