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Revisit Jerry Miculek's World-Record 10 Shots on 3 Targets in Under 2 Seconds

How fast is this guy's trigger finger?

In the world of competitive shooting, no one is faster than the living legend Jerry Miculek. If you're not familiar with him, Miculek has been professionally shooting for almost 30 years now and he has multiple World Championships and World Titles to his name.

Miculek also holds nearly a dozen world records for ridiculous shooting feats like firing off six shots from a Barrett M107 in .50 BMG less than a second. He also did the same with an un-modified Desert Eagle in .50 Action Express.

What you're about to see is Miculek's attempt at another record. Here he tries to get 10 shots on three different targets in less than two seconds. Sounds inhuman right? Well, watch the video below to be amazed. Try to count all the shots as he makes them.

This man's trigger finger is so fast, we're surprised it isn't government regulated by now!

That happened so fast you may not have realized what he did. Here's the breakdown, what you just saw was four center mass hits and two headshots for the two end targets, all in 1.59 seconds. It's one thing to shoot quickly without worrying about accuracy, but this man placed those shots exactly where he wanted them. How he accomplished that, we will never know.

This has been the story of Miculek's career. He consistently finds new ways to amaze us with his speed shooting skills. When we've read what many of his records are, they sound too fantastic to be believed. That is, until you watch video proof like this that he pulled them off.

Our hat is off to you once again Mr. Miculek. This is an amazing feat and we look forward to seeing what you will try to do to top it!

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