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Jerry Miculek's Portable Bullet Trap is Made From $1.69 Worth of Scrap Metal

Jerry Miculek's bullet trap is brilliant and highly efficient.

The world's fastest shooter, Jerry Miculek, has access to all the ammo he could ever need from firearms and ammunition manufacturers, but it was not always that way. In the early days of his shooting career, Jerry needed to find a way to save money while perfecting his shooting technique. The way he did that was by reloading his own ammo, something that many pro shooters do.

Back in 1976, Jerry wanted to save money on lead for shooting, which was harder to find at the time. His solution? A portable bullet trap of his own design that he made from scrap metal for only $1.69!

Due to interest from shooting enthusiasts the world over, Jerry recently showed more of the design and exactly how it works to help him recycle lead to be used for reloading.

What an incredibly clever and simple design. For those who do not know, before he became one of the best-known shooters in the world, Miculek worked as a millwright. He really had the design gears churning in his head when building this contraption. The collection area of the trap is even made to prevent a bullet from being cycled back at the shooter. Jerry has always been a very safety-oriented shooter.

Clearly this design worked out very well for Jerry. He was able to use it to develop those fast shooting skills that consistently put our jaws on the floor in disbelief. We love how he has not forgotten his roots in the industry and is now passing on this information to others who may be looking to follow in his footsteps.

From an environmental and budget-oriented side we love the idea too. This helps keep lead ammo from hunting any local wildlife or seeming into groundwater. And if you are going to shoot mostly lead ammo anyway, why not try and re-use it? Who does not like saving money? Brilliant design Jerry! I will have to build something similar if I ever have my own home range.

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