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Jerry Miculek Nails 325-Yard Shot with Shotgun Slug

Jerry Miculek continues to prove he's the best shooter on the planet.

Shotgun slugs are well-known to most Midwestern hunters for deer hunting purposes. They are quite effective at ethically harvesting an adult whitetail deer, but their range is limited. Even with recent innovations with sabot slugs and specialty rifled barrels, most hunters rarely shoot over 100 yards with a slug gun.

That is, unless you're multi-time world champion shooter and world record holder Jerry Miculek. This man is a living legend with any firearm in his hands.

Using a stock Mossberg JM 940 Pro shotgun, he heads to an open range to try and pop a balloon at 324 yards with a slug. It's the type of feat that only Jerry could pull off.

Wow, now that was an impressive shot! Usually, when we're highlighting Miculek's exploits, it's usually an exhibition on fast shooting. Miculek holds more than a dozen world records for speed shooting with handguns, and various styles of rifle.

Here was just a plain old distance challenge. In case you lost count, Jerry was able to dial in the spot to hold in only seven shots. As a Michigan hunter who regularly shoots slugs, I'm sure I could be out there all day with a high-end shotgun with a rifled barrel and scope without being able to replicate this feat. Even if I had a solid rest. Jerry pulled off this shot while shooting off-hand!

As Jerry noted, most shotgun slugs are made for only about 150 yards max and he just effectively doubled it with this shot. Obviously, this wouldn't be a shot you'd try on a big game animal, but it was still an impressive feat. Well done, Jerry!